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Driving School


My motoring journey kick-started at a mere 13 years old when my awesome dad let me take the wheel of his trusty Fiat 126, tearing it up on our private land. Fast forward to the glorious age of 16, and I aced my driving test like a boss, opening the gates to a world of endless car hopping and motorcycle adventures.

I've conquered more roads than I can count, racking up a mileage that could rival a gazillion road trips across Europe, the US, and the UK combined.

Driving has always been my passion, and along the way, I discovered my knack for passing on my wisdom and experience to aspiring drivers, helping them conquer their own driving tests and become the safest road warriors.

For a mind-boggling 20 years, I've called the UK my home, specifically rockin' it as an independent driving instructor in the vibrant city of Peterborough and its awesome surrounding areas. Life behind the wheel has been a wild ride, and I'm stoked to be sharing the wheel-spinning joy with all you soon-to-be expert drivers out there!

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